Civil Litigation in the Mid-Ohio Valley with Attorney George J. Cosenza

Attorney Cosenza Represents You in Civil Law Cases

While Attorney Cosenza does work in criminal defense, he also works as a civil litigator. Civil law is different from criminal law in a number of ways. While criminal law deals with crimes, civil law deals with torts, which are civil wrongs that result in liability. While the punishments for crimes are typically fines or jail/prison time, civil suits are brought from one party to another in order to recover damages. If you have been wronged due to negligence, breach of duty, or breach of contract, call a civil litigator with over 45 years of experience. Call Attorney George Cosenza, the Mid-Ohio Valley’s premier civil litigator, at (304) 485-0990.

Examples of Torts and Civil Lawsuits with Attorney Cosenza

Tort law is very extensive, so it is important to have a civil litigator with experience. There are very few civil litigators in the Mid-Ohio Valley with as much experience as Attorney George Cosenza. There are a wide variety of torts, some of which deal with property, dignity, contracts, negligence, and more. Some common property torts include trespassing and property damage, whereby property is either defiled or infringed upon. Common dignitary torts include defamation and invasion of privacy. Contracts, wills, trusts, estates, and more also fall under tort law. If you feel like your rights have been violated in the Mid-Ohio Valley, call Attorney Cosenza to see if you have a case for a lawsuit.

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Attorney Cosenza Will Be There Every Step of the Way

Civil litigation can be a long and stressful ordeal, so it is important to come armed with an experienced and successful attorney. Civil litigation can take place in many different trial areas, including liability, personal injury, property, labor, family law, and beyond. As a civil litigator, Attorney Cosenza will represent his client every step of the way. From investigation, to pre-trial proceedings, to appeal if necessary, Attorney Cosenza will be there for you. Whether your case goes to court, or goes to ADR, having a civil litigator with over 45 years of experience can leave you with peace of mind. Call today for more information.

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Going through the civil litigation process is not something that most people expect to do in their lifetime, but it is a necessary part of the legal system to ensure that those who fail to live up to their responsibilities do not continue to do so. Nobody deserves to be injured or have his or her rights violated, and when these things happen whether intentionally or due to negligence, the victim may deserve to be financially compensated. The first step to take when considering filing a civil lawsuit is to call an experienced civil litigator, and if you live in the Mid-Ohio Valley, that is Attorney George Cosenza. Attorney Cosenza will take the time to learn about you and your case and help you to move forward toward just compensation. Call today to get started!