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Wrongful death is an element of civil law that deserves to be handled with care. While we certainly hope nobody has to go through the death of a family member or loved one, there are cases when a tragic death can arise as a result of another person or business’ negligence. If you are responsible for a deceased loved one’s estate, and their death came about due to a person or business’ negligence, call Attorney George Cosenza today. With over 45 years of legal experience, Attorney Cosenza will advise your wrongful death lawsuit with the care and tact it deserves. Call today at (304) 485-0990.

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Being responsible for a wrongful death is not typically an element of criminal law, but rather an element of civil law. When there is no intent to cause injury or death, the act is not criminal, but can still enter the legal system. Wrongful death cases do not typically examine what someone did to cause a death, but rather what they did not do. For example, manufacturers in the Mid-Ohio Valley have a duty to manufacture safe products. If they provide a customer with a product that is not safe and it leads to their death, the manufacturer is therefore liable to being sued for wrongful death. For questions about wrongful death cases in the Mid-Ohio Valley, call Attorney Cosenza today.

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Wrongful Death Examples

With over 45 years of experience, Attorney Cosenza knows how to represent his clients in wrongful death cases that arise from a variety of circumstances. Some of the circumstances that can lead to a wrongful death lawsuit include instances where death occurs due to medical malpractice, supervisory negligence, automobile accidents, occupational hazard, and product liability. Death resulting from negligence in any of these cases and beyond could potentially be grounds for a lawsuit. If you think you may have a case in a wrongful death lawsuit, call Attorney George Cosenza today to find out how to proceed with a case.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Following Criminal Trials

One of the things that people do not recognize when it comes to wrongful death cases is that deaths that might seem criminal can also fall under the civil scope. Just because a person was not convicted in criminal court does not mean they cannot be sued in civil court. In criminal law, the defendant must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to be convicted, while in wrongful death cases, the burden of proof is the preponderance of the evidence. Therefore, if you have had a loved one lose their life at the hands of a defendant who was declared “not guilty”, call Attorney Cosenza to discuss your options in a wrongful death civil court.